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    • Module 3 Overview

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    • 3.1: Actively Allying with Black Youth Against Anti-Black Racism

    • 3.2: Ten Good Practices for Supporting Black Youth Mental Health

    • 3.3: Strengthening Engagement with Families of Black Youth

    • 3.4: Intersectional and Advocacy Strategies for Supporting Black Youth Wellbeing

    • Spoken Word: I Shouldn't Have to Say This (Part 3)

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“In 2020 Black youth continue to have high levels of unemployment and gaps remain in educational attainment. But we have growing evidence that culturally-focused interventions can change this . . . When we overcome the Canadian discomfort with talking directly about race, and see policy interventions specifically for Black communities as a core component to creating solutions, we can actually move the dial. Let’s keep up the momentum" 

 The Need to Expand Policies for Black Youth by Kofi Hope